Hi, I'm Burton Williams. I moved to NYC many years ago from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to study and have been here ever since. I created Reppinyard as a lifestyle brand for the Caribbean expat and explorer. It was created as an alternative to the traditional souvenir, that is - let’s be frank, cheezie, tacky and <Insert your word for wack here>. So we call it a badge. A badge earned from either that quick trip down to Barbados, Jamaica or any one of the amazing islands down in the Caribbean. Or, simply having roots in one of the amazing islands. This badge embodies those amazing experiences you had down there in the islands.


The struggle is real everywhere. This includes the Caribbean believe it or not. For instance, there are hundreds of kids whose parents can’t afford basic surgical care for them. We are committed to helping these people by donating 10% of our profits to the World Pediatrics Project. The WPP is an amazing organization. They mobilize dozens of pediatric diagnostic and surgery specialist teams, who perform over 2000 surgeries a year. 2000!. So being from the Caribbean, I wanted to do my lickle bit to help. Check out their site (www.worldpediatricproject.org) for more on the amazing work they are doing.


With that being said, we look forward to seeing you rocking your badge soon!