Yard! It’s where we’re from. We leave the islands to come to the First World to do better for ourselves and our families. We love our island, but we can’t afford to be there for a variety of circumstances. Most of us because there is simply not enough opportunity. We fantasize about how we can make a difference, what we would do if ... But it’s hard. We have REAL responsibilities. Both to ourselves and our families here and back home. We are out here in the larger world grinding, but we know where we are from, and we are proud of it. We should be able to show that. And stylishly.

This is why we created Reppin Yard. It is our way to rep—and also to give back. When you purchase one of our fine-looking (and insanely light and comfortable) tees that rep your island, 10% of profits will go towards a do good organization, operating in the Caribbean. Sweet, right?

Hi, I’m Burton Williams.  A constant question I ask is this: how do I help my fellow Vincentian brothers and sisters who are not as fortunate as me?

I love to wear t-shirts. In fact it's pretty much all I wear (I can't remember the last time I wore a shirt with buttons). Those who know me know I love to represent St. Vincent, my homeland. Over the years, I've been unable to find a single t-shirt that I can wear on a regular basis to rep my yard. All I’ve found out there are tees tasteful only as souvenirs to tourists who purchase them in shops around the Caribbean. The kind only good for wearing to bed, if you ask me.

So, I made my own. And others Caribbean people loved it, so much so, that I decided to make one for everyone. And, just like that, Reppin Yard was born. Simple, crazy comfortable, wear anywhere, look good t-shirts for you, so you can rep your yard too.